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Project Description
BizUnit Test Runner is a GUI for executing BizUnit tests. It enables a user to run a suite of tests, given users instant feedback.
It allows the user to view and edit their test scripts breaking a test script file up into individual steps.

Simply launch the BizUnit Test Runner application.

Click on the Load Tests button; specify the folder that contains the test cases (Samples are provided within the applications root folder)

All the tests files will be described within the treeview, currently the application loads all xml files within the root folder specified and will dig down one level into the sub-directories. Clicking on an individual test case will display the contents of the test case within the Test Detail tab. It is possible to breakdown each test case into the three test case stages, I.e. Test Setup, Test Execution and Test Cleanup. It's also possible to drill down further by breaking each stage down into individual test steps.

Figure 1: Main Screen


The advantage of breaking each test case down into minute steps is the ability to quickly identify where an error occurs and the ability to fix the broken step without the need to search through a large file.

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